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We bear responsibility

environmental responsibility

Did you know that when you buy CanisAlpha®, you automatically protect the environment contribute? Environmental protection also means taking responsibility and being a role model. This is what we do!


CanisAlpha® is produced using 100% green electricity, and not just since it was "in" to use it for advertising. The CanisAlpha® administration, the DDC laboratory for dogs and humans and the naturopathic practice for dogs only use green electricity. And we privately? OF COURSE too.

organic colors

All printed matter is printed exclusively with organic inks.


We use recycled picture printing paper and use recyclable lining bags.

A little information about electricity

The fairy tale of safe and clean nuclear power has probably finally come to an end since Fukushima at the latest. It's a shame that we humans usually need catastrophes to wake up. Nuclear power has never been safe and certainly not clean.

Information on nuclear waste storage

our recommendation


Greenpeace Energy

Only an energy provider who has always and exclusively produced green electricity comes to us as a partner and deserves support.
nature in our hands
For us, responsibility is an obligation. After all, we only have one (environmental) world.
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