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CanisAlpha® - dry food without additives - for older dogs / senior dogs

In the CanisAlpha® online shop you will find the ideal nutritional concept for older dogs or senior dogs. Simply the best dog food - carefully manufactured, without synthetic vitamins and without additives - for the love of your dogs and ours!

CanisAlpha® – cold-pressed dog food


The nutrition of seniors - we know exactly what we are doing - intentionally healthy!

The fairy tale about protein-reduced senior food. Don't let the advertising fool you!

Advertisements for senior food often suggest that low-protein food is better for older dogs. However, this is not the case. In fact, high-protein food is important for older dogs to maintain a strong immune system and good muscle mass.

Why is high-protein food SO important for older dogs?

Older dogs have weaker immune systems. This is because the function of the immune system changes with age. The risk of infections and other diseases increases.

Protein is an important building block for a strong immune system. It is involved in the production of antibodies, lymphocytes and other immune cells. Protein also helps repair and regenerate the cells of the immune system.

NOTE: The immune system consists of over 80% protein.

The food for seniors should therefore have a high protein content, just like for non-seniors.

High-quality protein is particularly important. This does not distinguish seniors from younger dogs and is a given at CanisAlpha!

When choosing food for seniors, you should pay attention to the protein content and quality of the protein or rather feed CanisAlpha straight away.

Arguments for protein-rich food also for seniors:

  • Protein is important for a strong immune system.
  • Protein helps maintain muscle mass.
NOTE: All CanisAlpha varieties are also suitable for seniors.

Our special recommendation for seniors, the special varieties from the Wolfskonzept series. For senior food

NOTE: Keep protein high - fiber high - carbohydrates down.

This is how to be healthy on purpose at CanisAlpha for seniors.

What else you can do:

Omega-3-Fatty acids are important for cellular and immune health. It clears inflammation and keeps the blood smooth. For Omega-3 with over 30% Omega-3 content

NOTE: Omega 3 promotes blood circulation and clears inflammation. Both are extremely important for seniors!


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