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CanisAlpha® – Low Carb - you have come to the right place.

Wolf concept premium dog food if they are looking for low carb.

You have one for that Question?

Real low carb means: No fast carbohydrates in the feed (cereals, rice, potatoes & sweet potatoes, pseudo-cereals). With us no deceptive packaging.

Our recommendation for all those low carb Foraging: wolf concept

Low carb - grain & potato free

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CanisAlpha® - Our best low-carb dry food, without grain, without potatoes, without rice, without pseudo-cereals!

In our online shop we offer you low-carbohydrate dog food, optionally with juicy fish fillet, the very best pasture-raised beef or tasty free-range goat. Gently cold-pressed natural vital food, without synthetic vitamins and additives! Grain-free, without potatoes, without rice, without pseudo-cereals!

CanisAlpha® – cold-pressed dog food

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