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CanisAlpha® – for epilepsy - you have come to the right place!

Wolf concept premium dog food for epilepsy

You have one for that Question?

The nutritional rules Epilepsy.

The ketogenic diet (no fast carbs, grains, rice, potatoes & yams, pseudo grains) was developed at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in the 1920's. As a cure for Epilepsy. Then it was forgotten again.

Not from us. Our recipe at Epilepsy: wolf concept plus Omega 3


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CanisAlpha® all-natural varieties without synthetic vitamins and additives.

Does your dog suffer from Epilepsy? In this case, we would special varieties recommend, because in epilepsy it is important to additional carbohydrates zu renounce. We offer you low carb Dog food, optionally with the best fish fillet, the best free-range cattle or the best free-range goat. Grain-free, without potatoes, without rice, without pseudo-cereals!

CanisAlpha® – cold-pressed dog food

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