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CanisAlpha® – for osteoarthritis - you’ve come to the right place!

Wolf concept premium dog food for osteoarthritis

You have one for that Question?

The 3 rules of nutrition Arthrosis.

1. No carbs (except veggies)

2. Clean, highly available proteins

3. Omega 3 in high doses and free from harmful substances

Our Arthrose Recipe: wolf concept plus generous Omega 3 Wild caught fish oil.


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CanisAlpha® - gluten-free premium dog food for osteoarthritis

It is important that the feed is free of additional carbohydrates. So neither rice nor grain. Also no potatoes. Because that would have a direct impact on the inflammatory processes in the joints. Since this is the case with all of our wolf concept varieties, you are free to choose.

Of course, they are also particularly important meat qualities, a (quality) feature that is paid far too little attention to.

Of course (for us) we also consistently do without greaves , white rice, corn, corn germ, wheat, soya, poultry oil, Brewer's yeast and medicinal herbs (e.g Milk thistle ...)!

CanisAlpha® – cold-pressed dog food

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