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Updated: February 2024

Epilepsy food researched!

Hello dear Canis Alpha Team,
After our Hilde was diagnosed with Lafora epilepsy, I started researching what food Hilde should get now, what she can eat and what she can't. At some point I came across her site. I looked intensively into the dry food and the ingredients and finally ordered it. She tolerates it very well and really enjoys eating it. I have a good feeling about it and am absolutely convinced of your concept. I also think the communication with them is very good; if you have any questions you get an answer within a few hours. I will continue to order from you in the future and would like to thank you in this way.

Greetings Sandra S. with Hilde

THANKS CanisAlpha!

After years of looking for a food that my two Cane Corso dogs tolerate, I have now happily found them.

Both of them no longer have any allergic reactions. The fur is shiny and very soft. A change in the condition of the dogs is visible in the body and well-being of the animals. Thank you very much on behalf of Simba 5 years and Sanny 1,5 years and of course also from me.

Greetings Ms. Andrea S.

We are really excited too. Our Rocky kept having grumbling stomachs, ear infections and seizures. Last but not least, we ended up with hypoallergenic food. He generally tolerated it well, but the seizures became more frequent. The last straw, a naturopath, recommended Canis Alpha to us. What can I say? Excellent! Just great. Defecation is perfect, no more grumbling, ears are great and, above all, the cramps have almost disappeared. Thank you very much for the great food and also the very nice service. You can always get help here! 

Kind regards from Pott
 Stephanie M. and Rocky

Our Rhodesian Ridgeback dog always had problems with dog food: her digestion was only fine when she was given probiotics in addition to the food. But since she got CanisAlpha everything has been fine. We don't want to give her anything else. We are also impressed by the friendliness and helpfulness of the CanisAlpha team. Thank you! 

Thank you again and good luck to you, best regards, LK

Dear Canisalpha Team,
We have had my bitch Laicy for almost two years now from animal welfare in Portugal. We noticed that something was wrong with her digestion and she often got blotches, diarrhea, hair loss. I spent a year looking for a suitable dry food for her. But she had more and more problems with her digestion. She also developed a rash and had bitten her paws sorely. Then we had an allergy test done by the vet. And it turned out that our bitch is allergic to potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, nettle, roots, wheat, roe and dust/feed mites.
Then got a drug for her, which she has to take every day. And her food is also great for her. Her hair is shining, no more hair loss and her digestion has improved.
Have been buying the dry food for a year and we are thrilled.

 With kind regards,
Ramona H. and dog Laicy

Hello dear CanisAlpha team,
your dog food is world class. My two dogs, Hooper and Senior Lupo
are livelier and brighter since they got your food. Lupo is running
better again and more attentive than before. Both tolerate it very well
well and haven't had any problems with bowel movements since. Your no tick
is already showing its first effects. All in all I am very satisfied and
also say THANK YOU on behalf of Hooper and Lupo.

Family M. from Lünen

Dear CanisAlpha team,

since we started using CA dog food (which is excellent btw) my dog's stomach sensitivities are gone. We used to have constant problems, but this feed has proven to be the perfect solution. Also, his nails no longer fall out due to an allergy to other foods. The positive effects on his health and well-being are remarkable. We highly recommend it!

Best regards,

Timar Z

Dear Canisalpha Team,

Canis alpha fulfills everything I want from a good dog food. The meat comes from animal welfare, the list of ingredients is convincing, the croquettes smell very natural and appetizing, you get it at a fair price, and Floki eats it enthusiastically, tolerates it well and has a wonderfully shiny coat!

Best regards,

Barbara B.

Dear CanisAlpha team,

your food has ensured a great quality of life for my bitch Kali for over a year.
We really had all the food through, from barf to home-cooked to vegan.
She couldn't stand any of that for long. She has leishmaniasis, worsening kidney values ​​and last year chronic pancreatitis. She felt nauseous all the time, she wanted to go out in the garden in the middle of the night to eat grass, and that went on for months.
Thanks to your advice, I started feeding her your Grazing Goat Special and she tolerated it very well right from the start. She is no longer nauseous, she has cuddly soft fur and is in top shape.
In addition, she still does not need any medication for the leishmaniasis and her kidney values ​​are all back to normal! I can't get anything else into this dog anymore.
I am very grateful to you and I hope I will have my Kali with me for many more happy years.
Greetings also to your dogs,
Marlena B. with Kali

Hello dear CanisAlpha team

Due to many intolerances, including everything to grain, potatoes, rice and much more.
it has never been easy, even impossible, to find suitable dog food for Casey. She has reacted strongly to all "grain-free" products.
Then after a short time we decided to barf Casey.
This went well for 2 years. Then the problems started again. Casey had constant stomachaches. 
Of course, this got worse and worse and then degenerated into gastritis. So stop barfing, because constant medication is not an option.
Then the great search began. Grain-free, without rice, potatoes, etc.
Fortunately, I then became aware of CanisAlpha through intensive research.
OK. Then let's try it out, it's worth a try.
Luckily we made that decision. 
Casey tolerates the food really well. No stomach ache, no diarrhea....
We are so happy.
Thank you.
Best regards,
Beata and Casey

Dear CanisAlpha team,

The Beagle Duke was born on 16.12.2007/1/15.12.2008 and we got him from the shelter one day before his XNUMXst birthday and he has been with me since XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX.
At the age of 12 he underwent an operation lasting three hours due to a very rare genetic defect and also had to be castrated for the operation. Since then he's gotten a bit bigger, but he's still in great shape for his age. Last year he had another three-hour operation, which he also put up with very well. He gets only very high quality dry food.
I have had the little mixed breed dog Tomaso since mid-April and thanks to Goat Special he has developed really well. His date of birth is 11.11.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX and he comes from animal welfare in Sardinia.
Both dogs also got No Zeck over the summer. I consciously do without artificial treats and dubious tooth cleaning sticks from the normal trade.

When we noticed that Norbert - our French bulldog - had a food allergy, we tried different things. Allergy test, nutritional advice, BARF, wet food, dry food... with the most varied of compositions. In the end we ended up with the protein source "insect". It wasn't ideal, but better. Until the manufacturer changed the composition of the feed and suddenly the main ingredient was potatoes. Today we can say - fortunately the ingredients have changed. Otherwise we might never have tried CanisAlpha “Goat special”. Norbert tolerates the food very well, his skin, paws and ears have gotten better, and the food is also great for his stomach and intestines. We can only recommend

My American Bulldog male Milow came to me when he was 10 months old.
I wanted to switch him back from the barf, but he has nothing like that
really well tolerated. We tried a few good manufacturers,
but found nothing suitable for him. Then I was on your feed
attention, because I pay a lot of attention to natural food and value it.
He likes it very much, he doesn't have much output and gets along very well
with it. His fur is shiny and he looks healthy all around. I am very
satisfied and recommend it to my customers with a clear conscience
(who are also very happy with it). Simply great food, great.

Lots of love

By Karina Wo. and Milow

Hello, here is a picture of Wito.

Thanks to CanisAlpha, he got a shiny coat again and his digestion is optimal again.

LG Petra K

Hello, I'm Saga and I've been looking forward to getting the best food for 1,5 years. I eat all sorts and always with devotion.

My fur is shiny, I don't have to fart and I'm very jolly.

Tom C

Our Pino always had problems with mushy droppings. Switched the feed to CanisAlpha.

Now everything is great.

CanisAlpha was recommended to me for my Standard Poodle puppy and I have to say I'm very satisfied.

Lotti likes to eat the feed, the diarrhea she got from the last feed samples disappeared in no time and the amount of faeces has also reduced significantly.

CanisAlpha answered a question about the amount of food not only promptly but also in detail. Great service and very nice contact - thank you very much!

Nicole S.-F.

Since April we have animal growth again, after our labrador bitch unfortunately died last autumn.

At that time we fed another branded product and were satisfied so far.

Nevertheless, in the run-up to the new dog, we had dealt extensively with the subject of dog food and quickly decided on cold-pressed dry food. After some consideration and research, we settled on CanisApha. We were convinced by the composition and the high meat content.

We changed the food relatively quickly. Our dog, a labrador/labrador shepherd mix, tolerated it well and likes to eat it – ok, labrador.

But important in my eyes is the fact that the dog develops well. We have often been asked about the dog and the fur. It always looks great, shiny and without scales. We weigh him every day and then calculate the amount of food accordingly. I had never understood the latter from other manufacturers, when the amount of food depends on the assumed final weight.

In short - we can recommend the feed without reservation. We have an eight-month-old, perfectly healthy male.
Thomas K. from Magdeburg.

Dear CanisAlpha team,

I would like to thank you for your great food and the philosophy behind it!
On your recommendation, we have been feeding the beef special since about mid-May, after Mailo was recently struggling with giardia - thanks to the feed and Moro's carrot soup, he finally survived everything well and that fortunately without further antibiotic cures or similar.
We have tried so much, high-quality wet food with the same philosophy and balanced composition, also mixed feeding - nothing has had such a great effect as your food.
He became increasingly lively, more balanced, the urge to urinate normalized, he finally gained weight, the stool is great too and the fur has become softer!
Now we still have to test our way through the range and look forward to it.
Especially Mailo thanks you for the great work! 
Kind regards
Sabrina and Mailo

Balm for the dog intestine! The Mopsbude can more than confirm that. We are very happy to have found such a great dry food with you. Our puppies and our oldies are well taken care of and have no more problems. Thank you very much!! Keep it up!! Mfg the Mopsbude from Schwerte an der Ruhr!
Kimberly G

Hello, just wanted to tell you that by pure chance we found CanisAlpha cca. 6 months and have tried all of your varieties and our bitch Goodie (Blue Weimaraner) loves your dry food..
Next delivery arrived today.
Thank you for that and keep it up.
LG Jindrich R. with goodie

hit !

the list of ingredients and the concept of canisalpha quickly convinced me.
the main reason for looking for a new food was mainly because of my english bulldog egon. allergies and a very sensitive gastrointestinal area. also super fussy. i tried many recommendations. but egon usually thwarted my plans. either there was a total refusal to test any other feed at all, or he actually answered it, but then he didn't tolerate it. so i ordered a special sack of goats for him. I have 3 english bulldogs in total. the other two have neither allergies nor problems with the gastrointestinal tract. but are no less picky.
When I was first given the goat meat feed, I was met with a complete refusal from all three. they didn't touch it all day. i tried again the next day. doused with water and spoon. A total refusal followed. I tried it several times that day. then someone tried it from the spoon. very hesitantly, but didn't spit it out. hugo then realized that it tasted good the feeding hatch opened again. then the two other crooks came. and just like that the bowl was empty. the next day i tried it without soaking and without a spoon. all three of them ate their mini portions out of their hands with full enthusiasm. my plan to change the food slowly was then thwarted by the gang after a few days. they no longer touched their old food. the complete conversion then took place much earlier than planned. without any flitzekacke or vomit. the output is perfect. what i also noticed….. this constant farting has disappeared. every now and then it's rattling on the sofa in the evening. but it doesn't stink anymore, so i had to flee the room
I am very happy that I discovered this food. my bacon beans tasted very good. They tolerate it very well. and i have the feeling that i can really do something good for you with it. Thanks a lot for this. Kind regards from egon hugo paulchen and susan K.

Hello Anne from the CanisAlpha team,
I would be happy to send you a small contribution for your reference page!

My husband and I have been giving dogs from animal welfare (so-called list dogs) a home for over 20 years and have always been on the lookout for a dog food manufacturer who represents animal welfare and environmental awareness in its company concept. We didn’t want to feed our dogs vegetarian food, but it is It is important to us that the "farm animals" are kept in a species-appropriate manner and that the transport to the slaughterhouse is as short as possible. After a long search we have finally found CanisAlpha and are very satisfied with the "goat" food, because it is well tolerated (our Bennett had skin problems), is eaten with pleasure and master and mistress are also satisfied. Any questions that arose were answered satisfactorily by the team and I highly recommend the dog food as well as the customer care!

Best regards and keep it up,
Maud and Thomas We-A. with Bennett, Ida and tomcat Emil

Hello dear Canisalpha team, our dog Paul is one year old, had giardia, we then fed pasture cattle and goat special, he no longer has giardia, we would like to keep it because we are super satisfied.

Kind regards B

Hello Anne, we are happy to provide feedback with a photo.

“ We had a big “smell problem” with one of our males. He stank unbearably from his mouth / fur and constantly had to belch. Thanks to Canis Alpha we no longer have this problem, and both of their coats are now soft and shiny again. We also liked the detailed information on changing the feed. Many thanks to the CanisAlphaTeam, who always provide quick and competent advice on questions.
Warm paw greetings from Carlsson & Baldur & mistress Britta S.- O.

Thanks for this great food! My bitch's skin and coat turned out so great! No more dandruff, almost no more itching and scratching and a soft, shiny coat. Why didn't I find you sooner!
Kind regards, Suzana Schäffner

Hello dear Canis Alpha Team, My dog ​​suffers from allergies and could hardly eat anything. I switched to Canis Alpha because I love the quality of the feed. I have previously fed my dog ​​Barf and Canis Alpha is an excellent alternative. The team is also great, no matter what questions you have, you get great advice. All in all, I'm just totally enthusiastic, my dog ​​no longer sheds, he scratches less and tolerates the food very well. So to everyone who reads it and has prejudices against dry food, you can put these prejudices aside with this food, the food is awesome. Thank you very much. Warm regards, Jessica K.

Dear CanisAlpha team, we have had a 3-year-old Labrador male from a German animal shelter for almost 4 months now.
Anton hasn't gotten to know anything in his life so far: no education whatsoever, he's never been allowed to swim, play with other dogs, hasn't learned how to fetch, couldn't walk up stairs and the food wasn't particularly good either. He had very dull, dry and smelly fur. You didn't like to come up to him to pet him and then you felt the need to wash your hands immediately.
Anton has been eating CanisAlpha for a few weeks now. He now has a silky soft and shiny coat. However, we let the food soak in water because he drinks far too little. Anton tolerates the food very well - that was and is the right choice for our dog.
Many greetings and thanks
Ingrid W

Dear CanisAlpha team, we have been feeding our Shiba Inu bitch your food for over 4 years now. For us it is the compromise to BARF, as it has a high meat content and she tolerates it very well. We also believe that as an animal owner, you have a responsibility to find out what exactly should end up in the bowl. Rosi's coat is shiny and we can proudly say that the only visits to the vet in the last 4,5 years have been for vaccinations. Many thanks for this high-quality food and the friendly contact! Lisa N

Dear Canisalpha team,

I hope I don't "fill up" your inbox with my message.... Thank you for my healthy dog, who thanks to you is as fit as a fiddle and has the shiniest coat around...! Except that the bee completes the bowl in 20 seconds. Seems to taste good... Everyone please stay healthy and take good care of yourselves! Greetings from your favorite customer, Joris Sch.

Dear CanisAlpha team, thank you very much for your great food. My Jack Russel mouse has been eating your food since she was 12 weeks old. I'm still absolutely thrilled and the sweetness eats through the different varieties. As a physio and chiropractor for horses, I know how important nutrition is. I've been looking for a long time for a "clean" dog food without a lot of frills and top quality. I found what I was looking for with you! Thank you & please keep it up P.s. My cat would be very happy with cat food. 

Kind regards, Monika H.

Dear CanisAlpha Team I would like to share my experience with your food. Naylo is from Gran Canaria. He is a small, delicate Podenco-Labbi mix. Born on approx. 01.06.17/13/2018. He weighs about 1 kg and his physique is more like that of a small greyhound. He was found injured, starved and dehydrated in Gran Canaria as a puppy. In August XNUMX he found his way to me, my son and my cats. Fortunately, the merger was totally uncomplicated. I am aware that this is not always the case. Naylo is a wonderful dog. Well, I digress. When he came to me it was "wet food, but no chicken".... But it almost didn't matter which wet food I fed, he almost always had diarrhea and flatulence. I tested my way through all manufacturers for almost a year. But even the seemingly "high quality" linings always contained something that I couldn't agree with. I have to say that I have been dealing with the topic of nutrition and alternative medicine (healing art) in general for the last few years. In addition, I researched intensively further regarding dog food and its differences. It was like a little study. More than a year went by with research and tests, nothing convinced me as I would like. Until I accidentally came across CanisAlpha. It was enjoyable to read your site, everything I read resonated with me. And the content composition of your food put the crown on the whole thing. So I didn't hesitate and ordered the fish variety first, Naylo really likes fish. The changeover was easy. And the intestinal problems set in very quickly. No more diarrhea and flatulence. After a few weeks, the coat also changed. It turned out really nice and soft and shiny. Your tips and advice are just great. Your opinion regarding certain medications ect. were also crucial for me. You are an asset to this whole area of ​​canine health. People often lie and cheat in the manufacturing industry/pharmaceutical industry, regardless of whether it is with humans or animals. You are honest and your feed is more than high quality. I recommend you wherever I can. I had to research for almost XNUMX year to come across you by chance. Even typing "cold pressed grain free dog food" didn't get me to your page. I think this should change. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you also made cat food, I would buy it immediately. Attached is a picture of Naylo. Kind regards F. Please keep it up

Our Magyar Vizsla male Elmo, 16 months, has a grain intolerance (especially corn), which manifested itself in ear infections and hot spots on his stomach. He also has trouble maintaining his weight. Ever since he started eating Canis Alpha goat, those things are a thing of the past. His fur is shiny, he has gained 2kg and is enjoying his life.

Kind regards, Julia S.

About Maze: Not quite a year ago, our standard poodle Maze came to us and we had a lot of fun with her, but also a lot of work. Maze cannot tolerate many things and expressed this through recurring vomiting and diarrhea. It took a while until we found out what she can eat (Canis Alpha) and what not. But the effort and perseverance paid off. Maze is now a relaxed, well behaved dog with lots of charm. She's the clown of the family. Always the joke in the neck. You won't get bored with her. We look forward to many more wonderful years with her.

Sincerely, Mark R

Hello, this is Duna after swimming. We have had the little mouse since 05/2018. She comes from the animal aid Inca from Mallorca. When she came to us she was still very weak. We could only take short walks with her, then she slept again. So we thought that she needs really good food. Friends then recommended Canis Alpha to us. Good care and good food have now turned you into a great, healthy dog ​​with a beautiful coat.

Greetings Thomas D.

Hi! I have a 9 month old Westi. At 3 months he got giardia. Even after a visit to the vet, the stools are still loose. I bought Ziege Spezial from you, which worked immediately. FG Rolf J

Dear Sir or Madam,

I was made aware of your food by a friend. I was very skeptical at the beginning, because many things had already been recommended. I am a breeder of the Chinese Crested Dog breed and have always had problems with diarrhea and intolerance and skin blemishes. Now I've been feeding "Delicious pasture goat meat, specially selected vegetables, cold-pressed hemp oil & the best wild berries - GOAT SPECIAL" for 7 weeks. The trigger for switching was a young bitch with a feed intolerance. Chicken, beef, rice, potatoes were excluded. And finding a feed very difficult. Then I came to you. I had read the description over and over again and decided to give it a try. I had switched the whole herd to goats!!!! Now they have been free of symptoms since the change, thank God. Even the complexion has improved by 75% to date. If the delivery bottleneck hadn't existed, I would have given it 5 stars, so it's 4,5 stars.

Heinz B

Our Old German Shepherd Darko vom Altdeutschen Wappen (born November 01.11.2011st, 37; 7 kg) has been cared for with CanisAlpha PUR and EXCLUSIVE for 220 years. 14 grams each in the morning and evening. At noon he gets a hard bar (hammered rusk) for dental care and as a supplement only very sporadically a treat or a piece of cheese or sausage from us. Darko is very active and healthy. As a jet-black long-haired shepherd, he has not yet had any white hair on his snout. Now he lives with a little Tibetan terrier x ShihZsu bitch (Yoomee is 4 months old, neutered, weighs XNUMX kg. She is fed exactly the same as Darko

Heinz B

Thank you for this feed. goat and chicken

It is well tolerated - and I can actually trust the manufacturer, the housing conditions of the animals, etc.

The shepherd mice say thank you ♥lich

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hello dear Canis Alpha Team,

Even before we decided on a dog as a new family member, we were looking for the perfect food. Canis Alpha was recommended to me in many forums and that's exactly what we decided. Carlos has been living with us for almost two years now and since then we have been feeding Canis Alpha “pure” and ordering the 15 kg bag several times a year. This means that Carlos continued to be fed Canis Alpha straight away at 9 weeks. We are absolutely satisfied because Carlos tolerates the food very well and he also likes it really well. We love your philosophy and the fact that you know that there is only good stuff in the food. Thank you very much and please keep it up!

Many greetings Selina and Carlos

Hello dear CA team,

I bought 15kg pure after our vacation and everything is great!! We currently have weights under control. But... and that's why I just have to write: whatever it is, but since we've been feeding Canis Alpha, our almost 10-year-old Rocky has been so balanced that I can finally work well with him because he can finally concentrate on me. Was never really possible because he was so nervous and jittery. His fears make things worse, and we can work on that too. He is also physically relaxed. Our other two dogs are also getting along very well. The food is really great! I fed LXXXXXXXXXX to LXXXXXXXXXX for a short time while on vacation because I personally like the kibble size better, but...all 3 dogs have mud droppings. Ergo, I'm no longer experimenting with food and will stick with CA. I'm already looking forward to the new varieties. I felt the need to share this with you. I wish you all a nice time and remain until the next order, with best regards, Dagmar M. with Rocky, Camero and our Cretan princess Aristea

Hello dear CA team,

I can only say good things about our Rocky. I can save myself mixing in CA Basis. Rocky tolerates exclusivity and balance very well, no ticking, on the contrary, he is calm and balanced. So, all thumbs up! Very good feed. Our other 2 fur noses also tolerate CA very well. The most popular is actually the basic food, next to Exclusive and Balance. Regarding the much-discussed droppings: our 3 dogs produce very solid droppings in a very acceptable amount * grin* so completely satisfied. Oh yeah, since CA feeding Rocky hasn't had any problems with anal gland emptying. As far as our experiences with CA. Have a good time and best regards Dagmar M. with Rocky, Camero and Aristea The big one is Aristea, animal protection dog from Crete, hunting dog mix, about 5 years. The little one is Camero, dachshund normal breed, black mold, 5 years old. The fluffy one is Rocky, a dachshund mix and 9 years old and in top shape.

April 2018

Good day,

After a very long search, I finally found what I was looking for and think that in the future I will feed your Canis Alpha Pur instead of XXXXXXXX. Especially since my mother, who I pointed out to you, is more than satisfied with her dog (see picture), who has chronic intestinal inflammation and has been feeding you food for about 2,5 weeks (I just received the news that the dog doesn't need any more " “Boost” received more). I myself have three large dogs (2 Kangale/1 Rottweiler), 2 of which are half-barfed and one of which is no longer barfed. Since their nutrition is very important to me, I am already looking forward to your high-quality food for the sake of my dogs.
Brigitte P.

Hello Canis Alpha Team,

I feed Canis-Alpha for a very long time, I'm more than satisfied and just wanted to say a lot of praise on this way! I was also happy today when I saw that a new type of feed can be ordered, I've been waiting for this for a long time too ;-)...great! I had asked for a fish, horse or venison strain some time ago and I know you place great value on a quality source and finding one is probably not an easy task these days. Keep it up! My dogs (especially our old bitch, a picture of our older bitch, end of January 10 years) you can see the high-quality ingredients, they are active, shiny, soft coat, hardly any plaque, firm output and it tastes good. Keep it up!

Sincerely, Yvonne K.

Dear CanisAlpha team

I have been feeding your PUR dry food to all my dogs for a long time. We travel a lot with the little gang and always have the super food with us. We also use it as a treat for good behavior, tricks and, oh yes, sometimes just for free as a surprising little highlight... We recently went to Switzerland and fully miscalculated the amount of food. I ordered food from you and asked that it be sent to the holiday resort and that as quickly as possible! (because I really don't like feeding other food anymore!!). I was really happy to receive our sack of CanisAlpha PUR after just a day of waiting!! We had eaten almost everything the night before! By the way, the deliveries to Italy, where we live, are also working perfectly! Thank you for the great eco-friendly, animal-friendly, delicious dog food! Claudia C

Hello, I've been feeding Canis Alpha for a little over a month now on the recommendation of my veterinarian. I have an allergy sufferer and a gastrointestinal sensitive dog. Compared to ……extruded feed …….which we had before, the amount of faeces has been reduced from 8x to 3x a day to the normal level. The dogs like to eat it and it suits them very well. We used to only be able to feed XXXXXXXX, now I have a variety that everyone can eat. The bad hair loss that the fox terrier and the podenco have had since XXXXXXXXX seems to be slowing down a bit and I hope if I continue to take the food this problem will return. We have already recommended Canis Alpha...:-)

Many thanks, best regards Gabriele B. with Mango, Willy, Ella and Happy

Dear CanisAlpha Team, My two dogs have been getting the CanisAlpha Exclusive for a few years now. My 13-year-old labrador has had two major surgeries in the past four months. She was thoroughly examined beforehand (complete blood count, heart, liver, kidneys, spleen) and the values ​​are very good despite years of taking medication! The vet told me that this is (also) due to the high-quality food! At this point a big thank you again!! Yasmin T. with Paulchen and Bibi

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