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Updated: May 2024

Good day,
Thank you for the informations.
I found the conversation more than good.
Very competently and clearly explained what was going on with my dog.
I finally have a sound approach and can act accordingly. I will definitely recommend it.
Some things confirmed my suspicions but also explained them in an understandable way. Really great advice.
Kind regards
Thank you
Marion M.


Hello DDC team,

Everything went perfectly!
I received a lot of new insights and advice that I will now implement.
Best Regards

Hello dear laboratory team,

I would like to give you feedback on the 2 DDC analyzes of my dogs. A huge thank you in advance.

My boy had ear infections all the time. Despite analysis for intolerances, healthy nutrition and very good care.
After a 2-year odyssey from vet to vet, a mix of antibiotics, cortisone and painkillers, my then only 5-year-old plush monster was at the end of his health, he was in constant pain and was therefore very stressed and showed this in his behavior, although he was actually a little lamb is for a Leonberger. He smelled very unpleasant from every pore, he was no longer himself. I didn't know any better at the time, unfortunately. It was a picture of misery and it hurt my soul not to be able to really help him. A dear friend then advised me to do this DDC analysis with Stefan Willnauer. Our last straw. Harvey's values ​​were devastating. But Stefan Willnauer calmed me down in the subsequent phone call and told me that I could work it out again. In a very detailed conversation with him, which brought tears to my eyes, I drew hope and understood from his explanations what was really going on with my dog. Unknowingly, I had done my dog ​​more harm than good with these vet visits and medication. I got a lot of ideas, suggestions and detailed help to help my male dog. But it was neither talked into me nor forced on me. Mr. Willnauer is an animal lover who just wants to help a sick animal and always provides help to the people who belong to it. Even afterwards, I could ask for help at any time if I was simply "at a loss" and couldn't get any further. After more than 7 months of getting my male dog back on track with detox, gut wall repair and colon cleansing, I finally have my Harvey back to how he used to be. My reward for all the effort, the tears, the desperation is a healthy male boy, now 6 years old, who enjoys life again, eats with a good appetite and is no longer in pain. A balanced happy dog.
Now, unfortunately, my 2-year-old bitch also started having similar problems, in addition she lost weight, despite an excessive appetite and an extreme loss of fur. I didn't know what medications the breeder administered in addition to the vaccinations, what I might have done wrong. I didn't wait long and booked another DDC analysis. Again, a detailed consultation, as well as evaluation and explanation. Suggestions and tips on how to help my dog, what I could change. I can ask for more help at any time and I get it. Due to the fact that both dogs have some intolerances, I also came across the Canis Alpha food as part of an elimination diet, without this being advertised by the laboratory or Mr. Willnauer. I fed it before the analysis. My dogs must be used to dry food for the holidays. So I feed Canis alpha dry food in the morning and meat with vegetables or meaty bones in the evening. This feeding technique was also not questioned in any way by the laboratory.
A few days after the conversation with Stefan Willnauer and the implementation of his tips, I can already see small changes in Abby. So I'm confident that Abby's problems will also be dealt with.
I want to reiterate that neither the lab, nor Canis Alpha itself, is trying to force or sell anything on you, not a word. It's all about helping animals.
A big thank you to Stefan Willnauer and his team. It's nice to know that you can find and get help even without conventional medicine.
Greetings from up north Abby and Harvey and their staff.

JK with Harvey and Abbey


I would like to thank you for the friendly and insightful conversation after the DDC analysis, with valuable recommendations for us. We are already in the process of implementation and I will be happy to report back on whether and how it is successful. I would like to mention that it was in no way about advertising or selling any of our own products or food, but rather about the individual well-being of our dog. I was also given the opportunity to contact them if I had any further questions etc. - I find that very unusual and remarkable. I absolutely recommend the DDC analysis or CanisAlpha!

Kind regards

Sabine W. with Molly

I have never known anyone with such excellent knowledge of dog behavior. The knowledge of medical-homeopathic practice is also overwhelming. In short: I am very happy and relieved. He was able to answer my burning questions. And at the end they said: 'If something happens, call.' Thanks!
Kind regards from Ursula Z.

Dear team from the DDC laboratory!
I am really very positively surprised that there are still people today who really take the time for people and animals. The conversation I had with you about the results of the complete analysis was very informative and also reassuring. Now I finally have a sensible approach to do the right thing for my 12 year old dog Kiara to support her well with her problems and age. The tips I got along the way are really great too. Greetings Silvia B. and Kiara. I would be happy to recommend you at any time.

Great praise and a heartfelt thank you
Dear DDC team, 
I wanted to thank you again for everything you have done for us so far and especially for your time and endless patience. The latter is really not my forte. Their many tips have always been helpful and apart from helping my dogs they have converted me.
I was someone who was very closed to alternative medicine. Thank you for showing me so many ways to do this.
So I can't find the right words to say a simple thank you, which, however, contains my greatest appreciation.
We, that is Coolio and myself, and then a Bardina from Fuerteventura called Finchen came to us.
At first I had health problems with my Leonberger male. No appetite, lost 10kg, entire dog stank terribly of vomit, constant burping and smacking.
Conventional medicine (4 different veterinarians) was of the opinion that the smell came from bathing and that I should give him omeprazole again and again with regard to belching. 4 bottles in total. It was never mentioned that the intestines could be damaged and there was no improvement. Somehow they got stuck and then recommended one examination after the other. Of course, you do it out of concern, they want to help you. I don't know how many thousands of euros were wasted here before a CT scan of the head came up for discussion. Here I then pulled the ripcord and contacted the laboratory via Canis Alpha. That was a good 2 years ago.
Coolio's levels were quite a disaster, but even with the detox it got better and the smell went away. Then the intestine was rebuilt and we were recommended a treatment with bioresonance and from there it went steadily uphill. The limp, skinny (60 kg) Coolio became a normally agile Leonberger and now has his healthy weight of 79 kg. I can only recommend anyone with health problems to contact the laboratory. AND which in no case happens that money is taken out of your pocket here. On the contrary. Halfway there I actually wanted to do an analysis to see what had happened. Based on my description, the DDC laboratory said that it didn't make much sense and so I saved an analysis.
During this phase with Coolio, Finchen came along.
after about half a year with me she started to limp. X-ray revealed no findings. Spine hip shoulder joints all OK
The bitch was and still is stressed when you touch her paws. In order to save her having to take a blood sample and the positive experience with the laboratory, I decided to have the DDC analysis. Taking a little saliva at home without any stress, that was it.
The animal protection dog was of course also quite burdened. Vaccinations, anesthetic, castration, worming, before she was handed over, she still had puppies to take care of and then an acclimatization here, which went without any problems.
Here, too, I made good progress with the help of recommendations from the DDC laboratory and bioresonance. Finchen no longer nibbles on his legs and usually walks without any problems. However, she caught Borrelia.
It is and has been a long road that I had to walk with the two dogs, but I can only warmly recommend the laboratory.
Here's a small note. I feed both of them Canis Alpha food. The DDC lab team didn't even advertise the food. I had tried so many things, whether it was platinum, wolf's blood... or raw food. My two like to eat the food are agile have a great coat. The droppings are now firm and the quantity is normal and what I noticed is that it hardly smells.
Conclusion. Lab and feed deserve 1 star from me.
Thank you very much
Mona H

The conversation was great, you took a lot of time and explained everything to me in detail. It has helped me a lot as I finally know what is wrong with my dog ​​and more importantly what I can do about it!
Best regards.

Bettina K

Dear DDC team!
I wanted to write to you and thank you - that was already clear on Tuesday evening after the conversation.
I would like to thank you for the very long, detailed conversation about our dog Nicki!
How much time you take is already very amazing and thankful.
I am very impressed by your clear, open words, calmness, understanding, non-judgmental and kindness regarding the mistakes we have made with our dog - dewormers every 3 months, anti-flea collar, happy greetings to the dog when we're coming home-...!
You listened calmly and openly, gave your clear opinion and advice, but never judged or condemned!
This is a quality that few people have and which is not only helpful but also very special.
You have clearly stated what we can and should change, and many helpful tips against.
Practical, which products, services you can use alternatively and information about books and treatments.
For me, the examination and the interview was very helpful.
We don't have a sick dog, but through the analysis, the advice and the understanding of other perspectives that you have stimulated in us, we will be able to take better care of our Nicki and take care of him.
Further development, knowledge and improvement are the best precautions.
I will be happy to recommend your practice and the laboratory and I am very grateful!!
I came across your website more by chance, through a feed recommendation from the internet.
Your website is so great on its own and offers such a wealth of information.
That convinced me to book the Alalyse.
We are already implementing all the suggestions and are very happy.
We will continue to be your customers with the food and also in your practice, laboratory - but I hope that it will not be that common there...
Warm greetings and best wishes!
Sandra H. with family and Nicki

 Coolio and Mona H 2


Hello DDC team,

After the blood ear diagnosis I had to go through a very lengthy and
difficult treatment discontinued, with possible complications as far as the
At the DDC laboratory, I was first asked about this
calmed down. They took the time for us and that was just good.
Oh yes, the treatment, I almost forgot, after 2 weeks everything was gone
completed. From bulging, 4-5 cm in diameter, to no longer there today.
Not even a scar is left and the erect ear stands
continue wonderful.
The DDC analysis with the medications specially determined for my dog
was worth it.

Thank you for the quick help and support.
Henrik H.

sent to my iPhone

Uri and Stefan M.

 Coolio and Mona H 2 

Good day :-),
The most important thing for me is that I was able to express my gratitude to you.
In the meantime, there was new bad news from my dog.
Due to severe lameness on the left front leg and an increase in the size of the bone, an X-ray was taken.
Diagnosis: bone cancer
The x-rays were sent to a renowned veterinary clinic for further diagnostics.
At the same time, I contacted the DDC laboratory again and was promptly called back.
In the phone call, my fear was first taken away and the possibility was explained that it could also be an inflammatory process derived from the previous, unnecessary spleen surgery, since anesthetics, antibiotics and painkillers are showing up at the weak points. Uri has been shown to have arthrosis at this point, so this can be a possible weak point. I hope I'm repeating that correctly. So another saliva sample and off to the DDC laboratory.
In the meantime I got the all-clear from the veterinary clinic. She is known for her specialty bones and joints. No bone cancer. Probably arthrosis.
At the same time, the DDC laboratory gave the all-clear. There is nothing to suggest a tumor-like change.
As with the misdiagnosis of a spleen tumor by the veterinarian, the DDC laboratory was right when it came to the misdiagnosis of bone cancer. It is also reassuring for me that the veterinary clinic is of the same opinion.
Thank you very much
Stefan M. and Uri

Monty and Petra S.

 Coolio and Mona H 2


My dog ​​Monty has been itching on and off for a year. He scratched and nibbled until he bled. At the vet there was cortisone, shampoo and the drug Apoquel. An allergy test was done and it was found that he was allergic to various things. We had to go on an elimination diet of kangaroo and parsnip. A little later the itching started again. No matter what he got to eat. Then I contacted the DDC laboratory. In order to find out the real cause, I was recommended to do a complete analysis. I then received the result by e-mail and a few days later there was a long and thorough telephone conversation. That was also very important so that you could understand everything. Monty has a pronounced hyperacidity and now I need an animal naturopath for further treatment.

I'm glad I contacted the DDC lab. The vet would have given us the usual medication and I wouldn't do an allergy test again, you can save the money. Many Thanks !!

Kind regards
Petra Sch.

Dear DDC Laboratory,

thank you for the help of my older bitch, with her occasionally recurring discharge, vagina ( yellowish ). The doctor would have given antibiotics, of course. Thanks to your therapy, she no longer has a discharge!!! I'm so glad that there are therapies and possibilities and that you can see where it really comes from, thank you very much !!!!

Anya A

Coolio and Mona H.

Coolio and Mona H 1 Coolio and Mona H 2


Hello Canis Alpha and DDC Laboratory!!

Coolio and I would like to say a big thank you to them.

Due to the fact that my Leonberger male Coolio only had a small appetite, the weight loss in a phase of life in which he basically had to gain weight and also smelled unpleasantly sour, I came across the Canis Alpha food. Before that I had tried many other feeds, including raw feeding, nothing really suited him. This went on for almost half a year.

At that time I was quite desperate and had blood, faeces and urine tested a few times. But nothing was noticed. According to the results, everything was fine with the dog. I have to say that I didn't notice anything about my male either, except for the low appetite and the bad smell. Otherwise he was fit, liked to go for a walk, played and romped with other dogs. At the beginning of September, after discovering the Canis Alpha, I wrote to the DDC laboratory somewhat skeptically. I then did the saliva sample promptly. But since I was so desperate because Coolio had already lost 8 kg, I went to a veterinary practitioner nearby after a few days. She advised me to detox and wrote down various remedies that I should get from a pharmacy. On the evening of the visit to the alternative animal practitioner, I was called by the laboratory and the result was explained to me in a very understandable and patient manner.

Based on the result of the examination, the laboratory also came to the conclusion that the dog should be detoxified. There I also discussed the medication prescribed by the THP and initiated the detoxification. This has been going on for 2 weeks now and my dog ​​has been eating properly for a few days. The DDC laboratory said in 3-5 months everything should be fine for my dog ​​again, including the smell and all inconsistencies in the body should be corrected. I'll definitely call the lab again and report back, but so far everything seems to have been spot on.

It's a pity that I didn't get to the food and thus to the DDC laboratory earlier, maybe then they could have helped my bitch, who unfortunately died much too early shortly before.

I also spoke to my THP. She hadn't heard of the possibility of saliva analysis. She asked me for the link because if it's a way to spot differences before they can be detected by a blood test, then earlier intervention and action is possible. This should be in the interests of the animal and its owner.

I give both Canis Alpha and the DDC Lab full marks and am very glad I put my reservations aside and took the test. In the future, the vet will be my choice in the event of an accident if something needs to be patched. The DDC laboratory will be my first choice for all health issues and I have only had good experiences with the Canis Alpha food so far. My bear likes it, the fur is absolutely perfect and the legacies are clearly positive. Above all, I am impressed by your philosophy that “farm animals” have a right to a species-appropriate life and, above all, that antibiotics are not used.

Let's see if my distributed food samples convince other people and animals.

Keep up the good work for the animals!

Kind regards Coolio and Mona H.

Birgit N. with umbra

Birgit N with Umbra


Dear Canis Alpha Team,

I found the conversation with the DDC laboratory to be very informative. For more than 4 years I have been trying to free my dog ​​from her watery eyes.
First with the help of various veterinarians, then with homeopathy and at the moment also with bioresonance. So far nobody has helped to achieve real success. Now I turned to Canis Alpha and finally found the reason for her watery eyes.

I am extremely grateful to you.

LG by Birgit N. with umbra

Klaus H

Klaus H


Dear DDC team,
Thanks for your efforts. From the first conversation we had with you, we immediately felt that you were concerned with the well-being of the dogs and not with profit. Unfortunately, we have to ask this question to our (still) veterinarian.
We are delighted to have chosen this path. What if we had listened to our vet.....
The conversation with the DDC Labor Team helped us a lot. It was very informative and completely understandable even for laypeople.
We will follow point by point. We would be happy to come back to your offer and contact your laboratory if we have any further health questions.
Please stay with us for a long time. For the good of our dogs. 

Klaus H

Gabi K. & Paw Gang

Gabi K. & Paw Bande 2


Good morning dear DDC team,

the conversation with them was extremely informative and it helped me a lot. We discussed all the points and I was also very positively surprised at how much time was taken to be sure that I had realized everything.Gabi K. & Paw Bande 1
I also found it very pleasant not to be "bombarded" with technical jargon, but to have the content explained and explained in "a very everyday and common language"!

So now I have a precise clue as to how I can help my animal.

I am very grateful to all of you and can only say: excellent work!!! This will most definitely not be the last time I have used your work and help!! Have them all together thank you very much for your help !!

Best regards

Gabi K. & Paw Gang

Bridget L

Bridget L


We got our little Elfie from an animal protection association. In the first week she had no problems, then she got diarrhea. I thought it might have something to do with the diet change, but nothing changed and blood was added as well.
I went to the vet who tried different things but there was no improvement. I was very worried and looked for a solution on the internet.
That's when I came across the DDC laboratory. At first I was suspicious, because how is it possible that you can only find out what my dog ​​has with a saliva sample. I took the plunge and was told that many things were wrong in her body. Then we started homopathic drug therapy. I needed a lot of patience because it took three months for a change to appear. Today Elfie is healthy again thanks to the DDC laboratory.
I have absolutely no regrets, any time again and the people from the DDC laboratory are all very nice.

Many thanks for everything.

Bridget L

Ramona H

Ramona H


My french bulldog Diego is now 7 years old. Most of the time he was ill or unable to walk. That's why we kept going to the vets. However, due to the many medications he was given over and over again, he became more and more ill. He got allergies, had inflammation, and his skin developed melanomas and tumors. Which again led to surgery and medication.

Despite barf and switching to natural additives, he did not get well. Last Christmas our Bull Terrier Ramiro came to us. Best mating, best genes. His condition changed quickly. After the basic vaccinations, which he didn't tolerate very well, he kept getting something else. diarrhea, cough, eye inflammation. Then the skin became inflamed, the paws. He looked bad, could hardly walk. So off to the vet, medication. Another mistake, things got worse. Now I had 2 sick dogs that were doing so badly that one refused his food and the other could still eat, but he got really sick for hours after each meal, in addition to all the other problems that were still there.

Since I was looking for food that is natural, I came across CanisAlpha. That changed everything. My Ramiro eats the balance from day 1 with enthusiasm. What's even better, he tolerates it. Unfortunately not Diego, he will continue to get sick.

So I decide to have a complete analysis done at the DDC laboratory. And finally someone could tell me why I have sick dogs. They explained to me why both of them are doing so badly. Since I don't know any animal naturopath (I could have gone to a local animal naturopath with the evaluations), the DDC laboratory offered me help, found a therapy place and gave us precise instructions on what I could get for the two where and where.

It's a good feeling to finally know that both of them will be better soon. I firmly believe in the therapy and I'm looking forward to small improvements in my two darlings. I'm really grateful for the help, I didn't know what to do anymore. Finally there is hope. I can recommend it to everyone who has had such an odyssey as we have. Let yourself be helped by people who really have a clue.

Thank you dear DDC team.

Ramona H

Elizabeth P

Elizabeth P


Hello dear DDC team,

During a visit to the veterinarian, after taking a blood sample, he discovered a thyroid dysfunction. He prescribed taking Forthyron Flavor 400 2×1 tablet daily from 17.4.15/XNUMX/XNUMX

Because of the diagnosis and the fact that there was no improvement whatsoever, friends of ours recommended the DDC laboratory.

Because of you, two miracles happened to us, my husband and me. They made a different dog out of Shakira. The panic attacks have disappeared, her face looks years younger, she has a completely different charisma. She no longer has her tail between her legs for fear, her ears are fine again, before that she had to go to the vet all the time, there can be a bad smell from her ears, she scratched all the time, even at night, her eyes were watering, she has none treatment helped. There are no more black, stinking sores on the body. The coat is shiny thick and beautiful, I think she feels beautiful now too, she is a happy dog ​​now, God helped me to end up with you.

The eczema on her paws has almost disappeared, she walks normally again, her confidence has increased, she walks like an Arabian horse, she has her dignity back.

Your treatment is a complete success, thank you! I wish you all the luck in the world and also the person assigned to me who looks after me and that you will live to be at least 100 years old and make many more dogs and their owners as happy as me and my husband.

dogs are my life

All the best to you and the rest of your team, your Elisabet P.

Thanks for the help in tapering off the thyroid pills!

Patricia V & Julie

Dear DDC laboratory team,

I and Julie would like to say THANK YOU again for helping us the other day. Without you, my dear girl would probably not be with me for a long time. But thanks to your wonderful work, you have made a significant contribution to the fact that Julie is now 15 years old (Border Colli Mix), and that we are always in good hands with you when we have health problems.

For those who do not yet know the DDC laboratory:

I have often been able to count on the competent and great help from the DDC laboratory in recent years. There was nothing the DDC team couldn't help me with. And even in seemingly hopeless situations, a way was always found. All this without chemical drugs and their unsightly side effects, and exclusively with natural remedies.

Recently, my old girl had caught an infection, accompanied by a high fever, which is extremely serious at her age. When the temperature kept rising that afternoon, it was just lying there, I got very worried. But the DDC laboratory team was there as always and I got immediate help with precise instructions on what to do. With a special fever program (without any side effects!) and appropriate homeopathic medicines, the DDC laboratory managed to get Julie free of fever very quickly and permanently. She recovered surprisingly quickly from the strain of the high fever and the infection, and a short time later she was completely her old self again.

I don't think that if I had had to take her to the vet (considering the antibiotics, which would have lowered the fever but also put a strain on her system), she would have gotten over it all so well and so quickly.

At this point, a big thank you again to the DDC laboratory team! You are great!!

Best regards,

Patricia V & Julie

Beauty with owner Thomas and Betty with owner Andrea M.

Beauty with owner Thomas and Betty with owner Andrea M. 1Beauty with owner Thomas and Betty with owner Andrea M. 2


Dear DDC laboratory team,

Many thanks for the (always) quick help for our dogs. Whether a severe ear infection or serious skin problems, we were always helped quickly and competently.

The advice was friendly and informative and, above all, the respective therapies were successful. And all this without the usual medication. No cortisone, no antibiotics, no antifungal, chemical-free. That's great and shows what's possible. The laboratory team always took their time, even in the evenings or even at the weekend. You will never be turned away or dismissed. The current problem was always addressed and a solution sought. Even if further vaccinations were advised against, should a trip abroad be pending and a vaccination (country regulations) is necessary, then there is still the corresponding vaccination support via the DDC laboratory, which you can book and together with the DDC laboratory team can then discuss and carry out. We would like to thank the laboratory team for the active support and also the nice and informative telephone calls regarding our questions and also the therapy discussions. It was a very valuable experience. You can also address non-material matters and you get concrete, helpful and factual information. And we think that's really great.

We can only say again and again: Thank you, thank you, thank you to the entire team for the great care of our two dogs "Beauty and Betty".

Of course, the delicious food from CanisAlpha has certainly contributed to the fact that our two four-legged friends are doing well again, you can see it in the shiny coat and also in the well-being of Black Beauty and Brown Betty.
That's why we don't want to forget to say thank you.

Greetings from Beauty with owner Thomas and Betty with owner Andrea M. from the Mainhardt forest (BW)

Heinz D. from Mannheim

Please publish as a field report.
Heinz D

We don't put photos of people online.

Hello dear DDC laboratory team,

I turned to you as a "human being" because I haven't felt well for about 2 years, tiredness, no drive, hay fever. The school doctors had no solutions for me, because my blood counts were very good. Maybe I should try antidepressants…..was their last advice when they didn’t know what to do anymore…. The DDC laboratory analysis revealed that my intestinal and immune systems are totally weak and that my body's acidification plays a major role. After a successful intestinal cleansing, building up the immune system (natural healing methods) and changing my diet, I'm doing very well again after 4 months. Thank you very much for the "instructions" dear DDC team. I can only recommend it to anyone who cannot help conventional medicine.!!!!!!

Heinz D./Mannheim

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