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and what that has to do with your dog's health



According to Wikipedia, species-appropriate husbandry refers to a form of animal husbandry that is based on oriented to the natural living conditions of the animals and in particular to the innate onesbehavior of the animals is taken into account.

So far the theory.
And the practice?
It's pretty easy. Everything that is permitted by law is automatically species-appropriate, so the product statement is “Species-appropriate husbandry” is certainly not a quality feature.

Even the (new) "cage posture" is therefore species-appropriate, according to law.

So is meat from a species-appropriate husbandry, at least according to the law and can also be used as an excellent advertising statement. A laughing stock.

Read about that too here.

So even caging is species-appropriate, according to law.
If you would like to read more about it, you can find specialist information, for example, in our
CanisAlpha® has never settled for the next best thing. Basically ours principle very simple. We just want the best for you and yours our dogs.

Really species-appropriate instead of unfair. A clear one NO to factory farming is for us self- understandable. That's how it is, for example CanisAlpha®- Chicken or its CanisAlpha®-Pasture cattle   

1. CanisAlpha cattle and goats are kept on pasture all year round with very short distances to slaughter.

2. The CanisAlpha cattle and goats do not come from so-called intensive livestock, mass or tether husbandry.

3. No use of antibiotics.

4. Feeding without genetically modified feed. Also read:

GMO-free and yet through the back door into the feed.

our answers, our promise of quality and our health contribution for your dog and our dogs. Also a clear NO to Genetic engineering, neither directly nor through the back door. 

Who thinks that's dog food? determined, of course, who is from the unfortunately be very disappointed. in the On the contrary, all this costs more money in the Purchase of goods and therefore reduces the profit of the manufacturer considerably. But this is one different story. Ask, read, compare, do yourself smart.

Why all that? 

For the health of our most important friend - for the love of our dogs. You know, everyone is what they eat. This is no different with dogs, except that this is your decision are dependent. They must eat what you give them. 

Food is THE foundation of health.     

It provides the body with everything it needs to live and stay healthy. Are in it though contain pollutants, we also include them.

In view of the current conditions in which farm animals are kept, this is all the more important just to pay attention to that. What they get fed is also of great importance Significance, as well as eg. Medication residues, toxins, hormone cocktails or else Stress hormones, etc. Not a really nice thought, because ultimately it all ends up IN your dog, can burden him and lead to a wide variety of diseases.     

A healthy, pollution-free diet is an important component of health and therefore contributes always contributes to whether we get sick or not. 

Therefore, our claim and top priority is: 

Just the best, yours and our dogs because not only love, also health goes through the stomach. 

CanisAlpha® – because your dog is worth it. Much more than just dog food!
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