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Our gold standard

meat quality

Sure, meat is also cheap ...
   ... but then that's it

Honesty was yesterday - marketing is today or how dog food is made from waste.

Dog food advertises like crazy:
One reads such wonderful sounding things as e.g

- high-quality
– no slaughterhouse waste
– no unhealthy animal by-products
– high proportion of high-quality meat
– native breeding
– species-appropriate attitude
– Meat from regional farms
– Meat of controlled origin
– suitable for human consumption
– food grade

We only understand blah blah blah blah blah babbling

Shit turns to gold that easily... Read the full report and why we don't get it here: click here

Please also note the CanisAlpha promise.

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The CanisAlpha Promise

Paper is known to be patient, and so are websites.

Descriptions, ingredients, raw materials, origin of meat and much more. A lot of imagination is also used on online sites and the gaps in the declaration are also used extensively.

We, too, are often asked: Is everything that you write about your products correct?

We can understand this question only too well when we are confronted with what is written on websites.

That's why we join CanisAlpha® one step further.
The CanisAlpha® statement.
Where others only claim, we stand with our name.

The CanisAlpha® Declaration - our personal promise - for your safety - with a clear conscience.

In this way, we ensure that all of the information we provide corresponds to CanisAlpha® Comply with Codex: Truth, Clarity, Honesty. For your safety, but above all and for the good of your and your health our dogs!

And we do everything to ensure that it stays that way. This is also what we stand for with our name.

The CanisAlpha® Principle: Out of love for dogs, we give you our promise


The lining only contains what is written on it - what is not written on it is therefore not in it.


No food comedy, no fancy terms or other marketing gimmicks.


Health is the goal and our concern, so we also tackle delicate/hot/unusual/not everyday topics. That may not make us more popular, but for the welfare of the dogs, no path is too difficult for us.

And one more thing:

If you the video If you haven't seen it yet, you should definitely check it out now. May your dog remain as active as our Karen, who was 16 at the time the video was shot.

We wish the same for your dog!

CanisAlpha® THE original – because your dog is worth it. Much more than just dog food!

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