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It depends on the right tools.

Conventional medicine has so far largely failed in identifying and eliminating the causes of chronic diseases. Only if we use the right tools will we be able to uncover these causes in order to recognize and eliminate the early stages of chronic diseases. You can get to know a highly effective method for uncovering the causes of disease and early diagnosis here.

The special one DDC analysis provides information on the causes of many diseases - quickly, effectively and without side effects. We collect a wealth of diagnostic data based on measurements of biophysiological cell information. This enables us to make holistic diagnostic statements. We take into account sources of inflammation, organ stress, allergies as well as viruses, bacteria or environmental toxins and much more.

saliva testIn total, we carry out up to 5000* individual measurements. We measure or scan your dog from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail.

This is the modern way of finding the cause. Stress-free and comprehensive. Also ideal for early detection and prevention. We are now able to use such methods to ask every cell in the body whether it is okay or not. In our opinion, the diagnostics of the future.

* A complete listing is beyond the scope of this page. Just ask us if you want to know more...

dog checkerYou can send us the samples required for our work by post so that you don't have to stress your dog out with a visit to the practice.

Please fill out the questionnaire completely.

We take our responsibility for providing advice very seriously and will therefore only act if you provide us with all the necessary information in advance.

The process has been used with great success for around 20 years. It goes without saying that we work with the latest generation of equipment.
The DDC analysis is not based on clinical parameters and cannot be compared with them. They are not scientifically proven, which we are legally "forced" to point out. Unfortunately, the principle that whoever heals is right does not apply in Germany.

This is the almost "usual" fate of naturopathy, as is the case with homeopathy today. Acupuncture also needed more than 2 millennia to be recognized by the WHO.

This is not really surprising, since the earth used to be flat and the center of the universe. Science was completely sure of its time...

However, all of this is of little interest to the animals (nor are we) and it has no negative impact on their healing process.

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