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Our best and all-natural dog food without additives

Order cold-pressed premium dog food online in the webshop.

Under "Premium dog food"Or"Our best dog food" there is no empty advertising message with CanisAlpha®. With all our natural products, we produce our species-appropriate, natural dog food without additives! With CanisAlpha® you are therefore feeding the best for your dog and with a clear conscience.

Our clear NO to factory farming is a clear promise for our cold-pressed dry food. For example, CanisAlpha® chicken, CanisAlpha® fish, CanisAlpha® goat or CanisAlpha® pasture cattle are our contribution to the health of your dog and our dogs. We also strictly reject genetic engineering for our healthy dog ​​food, because we want it to be as small as possible species-appropriate, natural and healthy nutrition as a prerequisite for a healthy lifestyle of your dog!

We recommend the following products especially for a healthy eating of your dog without additives:

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