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About us

The love and care for dogs is above all at CanisAlpha®. Their health is real to us matter of the heart. That may distinguish us from others. Love, care and health comes before profit.

Likewise animal and nature conservation. Out of conviction, away from marketing ideas and not just since it became "fashionable" to advertise with it. CanisAlpha® is and remains THE original.  

Since 1996 we have been dealing with healthy nutrition for dogs and with the quality and ingredients of dog food.

We are, that is CanisAlpha® - Dog food, the naturopathic practice for dogs and the DDC laboratory for dogs and humans. Our dog food and our modern and special naturopathy, the best of 2 worlds, for the well-being and health of you and ours Favourites.

Our dogs

If you believe manufacturers, there is actually only good food.

Then why are so many dogs sick? Why are the "diseases of civilization" also increasing rapidly in our dogs?

Tumors, kidney and liver damage, impairments in the musculoskeletal system, fertility disorders, allergies and much more. Health is somehow different. Or?

CanisAlpha® is and remains the logical consequence for us. A varied composition of food for all races and ages, based on nature. Rounded off, if necessary, by modern, effective and harmless naturopathy. CanisAlpha®, much more than just dog food.


We would love to take you with us on the CanisAlpha way of life.

Health and staying healthy could be so easy.

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